Saturday, July 13, 2013

Halloween 2012

These are some pictures from a party I had last halloween! I was a genie for the party, and a mexican ghost for actual halloween. It was mucho mucho fun, but I don't think I'll be throwing a party again any time soon unless I inquire a sudden need to do the dishes and clean up a yard full of cupcake wrappers, matches, and cobwebs at 1 AM.

Fort Tilden In The Winter

It was a heavy, glum, bitter cold day in the winter of 2013. I was with my friends Lucia and Bea and we simply didn't know what to do! We were stuck inside, bored out of our minds and had already watched all the Harry Potter movies and eaten all the waffles, so there was obviously nothing left to do, except...go to the beach! So, we bundled up (mostly me, being the smart one) and took the bus to Fort Tilden, a beautiful beach Lucia raved about but I had never been to. I wore two scarves, five hats, a Uniqlo Heat-Tech shirt, plus another shirt, a big sweater, a winter coat, tights, leggings, long underwear, jeans, sweatpants, three pairs of socks, big snow boots, and two pairs of gloves. And of course a backpack carrying my camera, snacks, more clothing, my phone, etc. I have no idea why we did this, but we did, and we had a lot of fun!
Here are just some of the many pictures from our adventure!
Us on the subway to the bus!
Got of the bus, walking to the beach! I told Lucia she should wear more, but she insisted she'd be fine. We'll see about that...

Me and Bea
Me and Lucia

                                     We're here!

A balaclava I bought from my cleaning lady.

We made a fire!

It's snowing! On the beach!
Flying a kite!
Me and Lucia bundled like arabs, and wearing Obama hats.

The end!!